Why Doctors and Dentists Need a Blog

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When you finally can relax after a long, busy day of patient-juggling, writing a blog is the probably the last thing on your mind.

Well, think again.

You’ve invested in a sleek, professional-looking website. It’s full of important information related to the practice, your background and education, insurance plans, and more. Much of that website information won’t change on a monthly basis…or ever. That sounds like a relief, but it isn’t good news.

But once a website is built, it needs to be continually updated with new content or it will begin to look stagnant and irrelevant to the Google “crawlers” that scan the internet in search of active sites worthy of high-ranking Google search positions.

A blog, connected to your website, is a popular and simple way to help keep your website looking active by Google’s standards. A blog post is basically an article of approximately 200-450 words on a topic of interest to your target audience of patients. Key words are the most popular industry-related words that people use or type into internet search engines.

Posting keyword-dense blogs on topics of value to your audience is a cost-efficient way to attract new patients while bringing fresh content to your website and signaling search engines like Google that you have a relevant, active site. Especially when paired with SEO marketing efforts, blog posts may help propel your website toward the coveted top of page one on Google search for certain relevant key words.

Get even more mileage from your blogs by sharing them on your social media platforms. This will further expand reach and engagement with patients and prospective patients. Because who doesn’t want more patients?

With more and more people flocking to social media for medical information, shouldn’t you be the one whose information and advice they find?

Are you groaning because you want it, but just don’t have the time or interest in handling your own blogging or social media? Well, Omnizant Interactive can help. Call us today for information about our blogging and social media management services for your medical or dental practice. And if your website needs an update, we can help with that, too.

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Do you make time to blog or use social media?


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