“…The best website decision I made was allowing Omnizant to help manage my site…”

Brian D. Cohen, MD cohenplasticsurgery.com


When selecting a health care provider, people look for expertise, integrity and professionalism. The same criteria should be used when choosing a website developer. At Omnizant Interactive, we’ve carved out a reputation for providing nonparallel client service and exceptional websites. For over a decade, we’ve rallied against sub-par industry standards like long turnaround times and slow response rates. We know there is a better way to meet the needs of health care professionals and we’ve developed a radical client-centered approach to online marketing.

Below you’ll find a list of our core values that are at the heart of everything we do

We are fanatical about client satisfaction

Our success is based entirely on our clients’ success and everything we do revolves around this basic principle. We don’t think you should have to wait weeks for a change to your website or days for a response to your emails. With Omnizant Interactive, changes are made in a matter of days and you will always receive a response to your calls or emails within a few hours (and often within just a few minutes). Free website redesigns and our no contract model are just a few of the ways we deliver superior service and better websites to health care providers across the country.

Personalized Service Is the Only Way We Can Do Business

We don’t offer cookie cutter sites and cookie cutter service. When you work with our team, you’re not just a number. From your first conversation with one of our marketing specialists, we make sure to learn all about your practice your values. You will get to know our dedicated development team and all of our client suppoort superstars. This is not just one of the ways we do business; it’s the only way we do business. After all, you can’t market what you don’t know.

No Shortcuts. Ever.

Many online marketing agencies look for ways to cut corners and save money. They add clunky widgets to websites because the programming to actually integrate the feature is too expensive. They outsource SEO content projects to writers overseas because it just takes too long to write it in-house. At Omnizant Interactive, we never take shortcuts because we refuse to sacrifice the quality of our work and put our clients’ success at risk.

Technology Is Always Evolving, and So Are We

In our industry, nothing stays stagnant for very long and neither do we. We are always innovating, making improvements to our marketing system that will improve our services and benefit our clients. We routinely update our servers to ensure quick loading times, add new functionality to our Site Manager to make it an even more efficient marketing tool and roll out enhancements to our foundational optimization to ensure the practices we work with continue to perform well in local searches.

Success Is in the Details

We take great pride in the sites we develop; everything we do, from the design to even the most minor item, is analyzed. We’re perfectionists and this is evident in all of our work and in our relationships with clients.

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We aim to form long-lasting partnerships, characterized not only by efficient collaboration but enjoyable camaraderie.

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