Website Design Tips To Convert Visitors Into Patients 

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With endless information available online, people are doing more research when it comes to health conditions and finding the right provider for treatment or ongoing care. 

Today, it is essential to build an effective website that conveys your medical practice’s story and demonstrates your professionalism. The design and impression you make with website visitors can play a significant role in whether a prospective patient trusts your practice with their care.

Below, we highlight a few tips that will help your website stand out and discuss how you can use your website to effectively connect with potential patients. 

How To Make Your Medical Website Stand Out

Navigating With Ease 

Because people are increasingly researching their doctors before visiting their offices, you want to make sure your users are able to find the information they need with ease. If users get frustrated trying to find important information, it can cause them to leave your website and continue their search elsewhere.

Custom Photography

Entering a doctor’s office can be intimidating, especially for first-time patients who are coming to a new space to meet an unfamiliar doctor. A great way to make future patients feel more at ease is by featuring professional (and recent) photos of you, your staff, and your office. Familiarity is comforting to any human being, so incorporating custom photography to your website design to show your users what they’ll be stepping into, and who they’ll be working with, can be a great way to make your website visitors feel welcomed even before stepping into your office. 

Free of Clutter and Consistent 

Visitors should be able to understand your practice’s core message within seconds of coming to your website. Keep the content simple and easy to digest. You don’t want to overwhelm your users by including too much information on the homepage. Aesthetically, you also want to keep your site cohesive by using similar colors, fonts, and tone of imagery. Having extraneous content on top of using too many unique elements will turn off your users and make your website feel cluttered and inconsistent. Also, using consistent fonts and imagery helps visitors recognize your brand.

Device Compatibility and ADA Compliance 

To maximize the reach of your practice, you want to make sure your website is compatible with all devices and is accessible to all users. Younger patients tend to use mobile devices while older patients prefer to use larger devices like tablets and desktops; designing for all of these devices is critical. In addition to mobile responsiveness, you want to make sure that your website can be easily accessible to all visitors using assistive technologies. WCAG 2.1 guidelines should be considered in building any healthcare site to ensure it is fully accessible. 

Grow Your Practice with an Effective Website Design

Whether you are a solo-practitioner, or a large medical practice, you should have a website design that is engaging and properly represents your medical practice’s experience and values. If you have any questions regarding what elements an effective website design needs, contact our design experts today. 

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