Video Marketing for Healthcare Professionals

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The independent market research group eMarketer expects that this year adults in the United States will spend an average of 1 hour and 16 minutes each day watching video on their digital devices (which includes PCs, smart phones and game consoles). With so much time on the web being spent on videos, it’s no surprise that more physicians and dentists are turning to video marketing.

Benefits of Video Marketing

Maximize Exposure on the Web
The search engines have a single goal – to provide users with relevant results that are of interest to them based on their search queries. With the popularity of online video at an all-time high, the search engines have embraced videos, giving them top spots in the SERPs. Leading SEO experts also contend that sites with high quality videos tend to rank better in the organic search results than sites without any videos.

Increase Engagement
Choosing a new healthcare provider is no easy feat for most patients, and it can be difficult to adequately connect with these individuals (and showcase the value you provide) when these prospective patients are merely website visitors. Videos allow you to bridge this gap, and introduce your practice’s expertise, bedside manner and values in a very direct way that visitors can see, which isn’t always possible from content alone. Sites with video tend to have higher conversion rates which may be attributed to this increased ability to connect.

Generate a Serious Return on Your Investment

Unlike more traditional forms of marketing, creating professional videos is a relatively inexpensive initiative. And unlike a run in a local newspaper, there is no end date for your videos. Once they’ve been posted to a video-sharing platform or your website, they will continue to enhance your web presence for years to come.

Types of Video

Videos for healthcare providers come in all shapes and sizes but the most popular are as follows:

  • Introduction of the practice
  • Doctor profiles
  • Patient testimonials (per your state’s guidelines)
  • Virtual tour of the office


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