Should Your Practice Be Blogging?

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Over the past decade, blogs have taken over the World Wide Web. It’s a tool that the largest companies in the world and even the small mom and pop shops use to share information and often encourage discussion with readers. A blog can be stand alone site that functions independent of a business’ main site or it can be directly integrated into the main site creating a central depository for all information.

Healthcare providers often ask us whether they should be “blogging”. While a blog isn’t appropriate, or worthwhile, for all businesses, it does offer a number of benefits to practices who commit to the upkeep that a blog requires. For starters, blogging can be a great way to regularly add new content to your site which is necessary for any search engine optimization strategy. By regularly adding posts filled with keyword rich information pertaining to your prospective patients’ searches, you will enhance your practice’s exposure in the SERPs and in the local community.

Blogging is also a great way to showcase your expertise by exploring a wide variety of issues across your specialization. You can also post about recent lectures that you gave or even events that were held at your office, like your holiday party. The right balance of informative articles coupled with articles detailing the values and personality of your practice can help to educate and demonstrate the friendly and personable demeanor of your team.

Most blogging platforms also allow visitors to subscribe to your blog by email or RSS. When a prospective patient does this, he or she will automatically receive a notification each time a new entry has been posted (this arrives to the email inbox or appears on the person’s respective RSS feed). This is a great top of mind strategy, allowing you to keep in touch with hundreds, or even thousands, of contacts with minimal effort.

At Omnizant Interactive, we are pleased to offer healthcare providers integrated blogs which allow them to educate, connect and increase visibility with the search engines. With our blogging package, we will build your blog from scratch, creating custom graphics which strengthen your practice’s brand. We’ll also help you import contacts to your subscriber list and even give you a one on one tutorial of the blogging system so you’re all ready to go with your new business development tool.


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