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When searching for a healthcare provider, prospective clients are looking for expert professional care. But they’re also looking for convenience when it comes to scheduling, payments and pleasant visits. Many practices fail to mention these details on their websites when, in reality, these seemingly minor conveniences may just be the thing that separates your practice from another local competitor. Consider the following selling points that often go unmentioned in marketing materials:


Online Scheduling

Many patients find it difficult to search the web during business hours, and instead tend to personal matters in the evening and over the weekend. Of course, most medical and dental practices are closed at these off-times which can make scheduling an appointment rather difficult. If your firm offers online scheduling, be sure to prominently highlight this, with a link to the tool, throughout your site. If this can’t be done through your website host, consider using a third party tool like ZocDoc which provides healthcare professionals with a “Book An Appointment” widget which can be added to their websites.


Flexible Payment Options

For many of your patients, money is a concern. In instances where insurance isn’t an option, individuals often look for payment plans, the acceptance of credit cards and even financing to help with the costs. While cost may be something you don’t think belongs in marketing, it is something that weighs heavily on many of your patients and knowing that you’re willing to address this concern in a transparent way will likely give many peace of mind and help them to realize that your services are within reach.


One Stop Shop Offering

You’ve likely heard patients complain about other healthcare providers who sent them around town to make a final diagnosis; a visit to the local lab for blood work, a second visit to an imaging center for XRays – all to figure out what on earth is wrong. If you provide a one stop shop experience for patients, be sure to highlight this and mention specific ways in which you do this throughout the treatment process. Patients will appreciate that your office encourages efficient care.


Off-hours Appointments

Most of your patients likely work 9-5, Monday to Friday, making it difficult to get to a doctor’s or dentist’s appointment during the day. If your office offers early morning, evening or weekend appointments, make it a point to prominently feature this information. Taking time away from the office might not be a feasible option for many, and this convenience may be the very thing that incites a website visitor to contact your practice over that of a competitor.


Special Equipment or Unique Services

Does your office suite have an on-site operating room so patients don’t have to deal with a crowded hospital’s schedule? Do you have a play area for children and supervision so parents can be treated without the worry of childcare? If so, don’t shy away from using this information as selling points throughout your website. You might even consider having a page dedicated to these little details that make a big different for prospective patients.


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