How Do I Optimize Blog Posts for Search Engines?

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One of the best ways for your medical practice to improve its search engine ranking is to consistently create fresh, dynamic content for your website. Set up a blog and update it often. Create posts that are thoughtful and helpful for your visitors. You can optimize your blog for SEO by considering the following:

Think About Your Audience, Not the Search Engines

When you are writing your website content, focus on attracting visitors. You may have seen medical websites in which every other word is a geographic location or medical area that the practice specializes in. This writing is not useful to the viewer, because the content was written for Google, not the website visitor. Search engines are also becoming more adept at recognizing and punishing those with content that is highly optimized for search engine purposes.

What information would be helpful to your website visitors? What information are they looking for? What kind of content are they likely to share?

Create Unique Content

The importance of dynamic, original content on your website cannot be understated. Search engines reward websites that consistently post unique content because this information is beneficial and helpful for search engine users. They will appreciate the relevant content coming from an expert in that particular medical field. This is an opportunity to establish yourself as a thought leader and give visitors professional insights that they cannot find elsewhere.

Consistently Post Fresh Content

Regularly post on your blog. Medical blogs that haven’t created posts for long periods of time can leave a bad impression and create the sense that the practice is out of date. Consistently posting useful, original content will make a good impression on your visitors and help boost your online visibility.

Use Links—Thoughtfully

Once a visitor is on a page of your website, you can strategically guide them throughout other pages of your site. In your blog posts, include links to other web pages that relate to the blog information. Make sure these links bring additional value to your reader and provide them with more information on what your medical practice has to offer.

For more expert advice on how to maximize your web presence, consult with the team at Omnizant Interactive. We’re here to make sure you look your best online.


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