Medical Marketing Shouldn’t Take Summers Off

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Memorial Day weekend is here. People are daydreaming about their holiday plans… and tackling medical marketing isn’t likely on the list of the weekend’s fun things to do.

It’s been a long, cold, lonely winter as the song goes. You can feel the vibe of excitement as everyone is anxious to get outside in the sun and kick off the start of the summer.

Maybe you’ve given the staff permission to clock out early on Friday—or to take the whole day off. Or maybe this weekend marks the office switch-over to a more casual dress code for the summer, even if only on Fridays. It is summer, after all. Time to dial down the stress and relax a bit after working hard all winter.

What could it hurt, right?

Little perks such as these can have a huge return on investment as workers who feel appreciated will usually work harder instead of slack off. But it’s important not to allow a “summer recess” mentality to infect the office and decrease productivity. Especially in the marketing department.

Whether it’s your busy season or not, summer is not the time to get lazy with marketing your practice. Social media makes it easy to keep in touch with prospective patients even if you—or they—are at the beach. The relaxed nature of summer puts people in a receptive mindset, so what better time to launch a clever new promotion, special offer, or fun contest!

If the lure of summer’s limited, lazy beach days is too strong and you’re interested in handing off the medical marketing to a professional, call Omnizant Interactive at 877-960-1831.

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