Marketing Tips for Dermatologists and Plastic Surgeons for Skin Cancer Awareness Month

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Dermatologists and plastic surgeons should see a bump in business this month as May puts the spotlight on skin cancer awareness. So if you haven’t seen a spike in appointments for annual screenings, you should take action.

Sure, most people know that to decrease their chances of getting skin cancer they should be using sunscreen daily, reapplying it often, wearing hats, avoiding tanning beds, and limiting their time in the sun, especially during the peak hours when it is strongest. But for many, all that good advice goes out the window in the quest for that villainous so-called “healthy glow”.

With spring in New York being cold and rainy, this week’s long-awaited sunshine and higher temps will likely drive hundreds to the beaches and parks…where they may get burned. So it’s a perfect time for you to remind them about the dangers of too much sun exposure and the importance of regular skin cancer check-ups.

Some tips on increasing awareness and boosting your business (all year long):

  • Blog about melanoma statistics and encourage people to come in for screenings.
  • Post preventative tips on your social media platforms;
  • Host a free, live seminar and offer free skin cancer screenings on the spot;
  • Take part in campaigns like the American Academy of Dermatology’s #LookingGoodin2016 to increase your practice’s visibility, and encourage your patients to do so, too.

Sound overwhelming? It doesn’t have to be. Contact us at Omnizant Interactive and we’ll help with your medical marketing needs.

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What are you doing for Skin Cancer Awareness Month?




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