Instilling Trust with Online Patient Reviews

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Historically, online patient reviews have not been very well received by doctors and health care providers. The possibility of being the subject of negative comments and reviews online is not an endearing quality of being reviewed on the internet. However, there are many substantial and lasting benefits to online patient reviews. It’s time to embrace online patient reviews and see how your practice can evolve and improve as a result.

When considering online patient reviews, keep in mind the vast benefits you and your practice stand to enjoy as a result. Online reviews allow patients to make more informed health care choices. Empower your potential patients by allowing them inside information into the workings of your practice. This makes patients feel more confident in their own choices.

Additionally, patient feedback will help your practice grow and develop. Take the feedback into consideration when making improvements to your medical practice. Allowing patients the opportunity to let you know how your practice can improve will build a stronger relationship with them. Letting other patients see the legitimacy of this process creates a solid foundation of trust with you, their medical provider. Show your patients and potential patients that you accept their honest feedback and respond in a productive manner.

Be sure to set up a patient review system that is most effective in achieving these many benefits. The reviews need to be trustworthy and come from legitimate sources, meaning your actual patients have created the reviews. Also, design patient satisfaction surveys and questionnaires to improve your patients’ experiences. Focus on things like the quality of care received, patient-provider communication, and on-property amenities such as parking and waiting room set-up. Give patients the opportunity to provide specific and relevant responses.

It can sometimes be tempting to post a retaliation in response to negative online reviews. However, not only does it make you look bad as a professional and undermine any level of trust you share with your patients, but you also may fall into a potential HIPAA violation. You may want to have the opportunity to read the review before it posts online as it allows you time to reflect on the information contained before it is made public. Finding the contents of a less than ideal review at the same time as the general public may not be appealing.

Transparency matters in health care. Online patient reviews help foster transparency and, thus, build a foundation of trust with your medical practice.

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