Dental Practice Marketing Ideas For Smile Month

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Dentists have reason to smile in June when it comes to ideas for dental practice marketing.

Smile Month was created in the UK forty years ago, with the celebration first coming to America in 2008.

The three main messages of the month-long celebration are to:

  1. Brush your teeth before bed and at least one other time each day
  2. Avoid or reduce sugary drinks and foods
  3. Have regular dental check-ups

While promoting the messages of Smile Month can help your current patients remember good dental health habits, it is also a great opportunity to market your dental practice or update your website and gain new patients. Smile Month marketing materials for the office are available here.

3 Tips on how to market your practice during Smile Month:

Have a promotion in the office. If possible, consider a discount on a certain service or a giveaway of a product, such as teeth-whitening. Or you can always giveaway a gift certificate to a popular restaurant or salon. Use flyers to promote it in the office. Consider a postcard mailing as well.

Send an email or e-newsletter to your patient list or email list advising them that it’s Smile Month, reminding them to schedule overdue or upcoming appointments, and inviting them to join in any Smile Month promotions.

Use social media to spread the Smile Month message as well as to get the word out about your promotion. You can post it on Facebook, tweet it on Twitter, even Instagram it. Consider having followers take smiling selfies (maybe using a Smiley prop) and upload them to their social media platforms, tagging your dental practice, and using the #SmileMonth hashtag.

Are you smiling at these ideas, but frowning at the thought of the work involved in executing them? Does your outdated website make you feel embarrassed–like a patient who neglects their teeth feels about their smile? Why not let the professionals at Omnizant Interactive help with your dental practice website and marketing. We’ll turn your frown upside down—just in time for Smile Month.

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What are you doing to improve your website or dental practice marketing this month?


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