Beware of Sneaky Website Contracts

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At Omnizant Interactive, we’ve heard from countless professionals who have had terrible experiences with subpar website developers who promised big results but failed to deliver. At Omnizant Interactive, we were founded with a single mission – to help our clients generate more business from the web which is why we never make our clients sign a contract. This gives our clients peace of mind knowing that we will continue to work for them every day, not just until they sign on the dotted line. If you’re in the market for a new website developer, make sure you watch for the following clauses which are often found in website contracts and leave unsuspecting healthcare providers stuck with underperforming websites.

Who owns what?

With many website developers, you will pay a design or setup fee but that doesn’t mean you own the design or the site that was created for your practice. In many cases, you are simply “renting” the site or will find that you must host the site with the developer for a certain number of years before you own the site (and are able to move it to another provider). In reviewing any contracts, make certain that you have ownership of the design, content and your domain name.

How can you update your site?

Your practice’s website is a dynamic tool which will need to be updated periodically. A change may be needed when you open a new office or add a new doctor to the team. Because updating a site is so essential for success, you should be able to do this without the help of a website developer (and the hefty fees he or she may charge). This means that your site should be powered by a content management system which allows for easy updates that you, or a member of your team, can make. Be sure to check out this software before you sign any contract.

What are the ongoing fees? What do these include?

Most of the leading providers of healthcare websites charge an ongoing hosting fee, but many fail to detail what doctors and dentists get for the reoccurring monthly fee. In selecting a provider, ask whether there is an additional monthly fee and what exactly this cost covers. Some may include a certain number of support hours while others may include email management in this package. Make certain that the value justifies the expense.

How are results measured?

With your website playing such an important role in your business development initiatives, it’s absolutely imperative that you be able to measure success. In assessing website providers, make certain that the provider gives you tools, and benchmarks, to evaluate the effectiveness of your website. Also, if the company makes guarantees, inquire as to how they back it up? Is there a money-back guarantee? When it comes to your bottom line, accountability and transparency should be a requirement.

When working with Omnizant Interactive, you will own your website, be given an intuitive CMS to make updates, receive a plethora of business generation tools and unlimited support, and a number of tools to ensure your ongoing success can be measured.


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