Administrative Professionals Day for Medical Professionals

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Every medical or dental practice has one…the person who juggles all the spinning plates and keeps the practice running smoothly.

Running a medical or dental practice is more challenging than running most other businesses. In addition to the usual staffing, marketing, billing, and maintenance concerns, medical office managers wrestle with additional stresses including frustrating insurance issues, HIPAA privacy compliance, seminars, physicians’ CME credit requirements, and the many demands of providing 24/7 patient care.

If you can’t imagine where your practice would be without its office manager or other key staff member, this week is your chance to show your appreciation.

The range of gift options is broad. Candy, flowers, and gift certificates are welcome standards. But what s/he may really appreciate is time (as in extra time off) or money (as in a cash bonus).

Or you can really be a hero (and help your business at the same time) with this idea:

If your practice’s superstar is particularly overwhelmed but you can’t hire additional staff, take something off her/his plate at a cost that won’t break the bank. Is s/he struggling to try to keep the practice website updated or handle the practice’s social media? Delegate those tasks to a professional medical marketing company, like Omnizant Interactive.

Remember, this person is a key factor in your practice’s community and online reputation. Show you appreciate the effort on Administrative Professionals Day not only because it’s the right thing to do, but because you will certainly receive a good return on that investment.

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What do you have planned for Administrative Professionals Day?


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